London: Jeremy Scott fashion show- Women’s Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2010

London: Jeremy Scott fashion show- Women's Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2010

A cartoon look for Jeremy Scott, made up of sexy outfits in animal prints!
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14 Responses to “London: Jeremy Scott fashion show- Women’s Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2010”

  1. Alejandra De Olivera says:

    ??? THAT WAS FASHION??? =/

  2. Alejandro GarcĂ­a says:

    Well, I like it because it’s funny.

  3. Jay Blanks says:

    Ok who in the world is financing this bullcrap? this isnt design…this was
    an amatuer junior high fashion show that shouldve been shown in the parking
    lot of target.

  4. greenring02 says:

    People are crazy. I rokk my pink bone jacket every single day! Jeremy Scott

  5. Asquito Mil says:

    Does anyone know songs names?

  6. cReePYsPaDeS says:

    i love jeremy scott

  7. naqor says:

    lol jeremy scott is not fashion.

  8. Jack Doyle says:

    do designers have to make they’re clothes or do the just draw them up??

  9. Torya Blanchard says:

    He used to be such an innovative designer, what the hell happened? This is
    what happens when you continue to believe your own hype. This is dreadful.

  10. Serpentine913 says:

    This. designer. should. be. sent. out. to. pasture! How silly and contrived
    is this mess?

  11. Nylonphoenix says:

    @ZomgMattRangel his names is ash stymest

  12. petapumpkn says:

    The bathing suits are gorgeous

  13. Aaronhosj says:

    I love the Flintstones theme.

  14. MillStream30 says:

    LOL, the models look like they lost a bet!!!