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Summer style: why it's all about comfort and joy
"I'd love to think this shift was that women have become more feminist and not so concerned about what men think of them," says Shepherdson, "but I think it's more cyclical than that. You need to have the opposite in fashion." "Fashion in the last five …
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Lock me up, I once laughed at my son
When she is the most famous woman in the world. In my experience, the only thing that helps during such a fashion faux pas is a serious sense of the ridiculous, and some quick thinking. I once turned up at a London hotel to meet Kathleen Kennedy, the …

17 Pairs of Perfectly Faded, Light Blue Jeans for Spring
Nora's Versatile Summer Jumpsuit … This soft blue, sturdy denim — along with mom jeans and the patchwork phenomenon — is making quite the comeback (although if you want to get technical, fashion die-hards have been wearing their vintage-looking …
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